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East Coast Covers 

East Coast covers specialise in the manufacture of bespoke covers and tensile structures for commercial and domestic use. Here are some of our past projects, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. 

Campervan awning

After being commissioned to manufacture a heavy duty awning for a beautiful old Mercedes live in vehicle we settled on a hybrid design between classic awning and traditional marquee. Using keder rail to secure the structure to the van, heavy duty PVC Vinyl for the awning itself with sectional walling, windows and a zip up door. This cover solution is relatively quick to set up and will withstand wet and windy better than any other awning we have seen on the market. The colours were chosen by the client to match his van and he was very pleased with the finished product. 

Recovering of a party marquee

The standard covers on this type of tent are made from polyurethane that degrades badly in sunlight. This is exactly what had happened to the clients cover so we reproduced it in durable lightweight PVC vinyl. We can reproduce most covers if you have the old one for us to take measurements from.

Recovered party tent gala marquee
Recovered party tent gala marquee

Architectural Awning from old sails

Re-use is the best form of recycling and we love working with repurposed materials to manufacture new products. The Ropewalk in Barton upon Humber commissioned us to make some sun shades for their cafe's outdoor seating area. 

24 Meter Big top 

We recovered this tent for misfits marquees and is the biggest structure made to date. This was our first step into manufacturing apart from the odd repair here and there. We used the old and rather leaky cover as a template for a new one. We have a huge range of colours available for projects, for this project we chose blue and yellow. This has given "Betty Big Top" a new lease of life and has since been used as a stage, wedding reception venue, circus rehearsal space, theatre and conference hall. 

Bigtop manufacture
24 meter Bigtop round Circus Tent
big top manufacture industrial sewing
24 M meter Bigtop round circus tent Big Top

Repairs / Gym Mat

This was a quick repair of a gymnastics coaching block for a local Parkour Academy, they wanted to keep costs down so didn't mind the mismatch. 

Pvc vinyl gym mat repair

Vinyl and Canvas Bags

PVC Vinyl bags in the images below are made from both repurposed and new materials to make large storage bags. We promote reuse of materials its the best form of recycling and if you source them it will keep materials costs down. 

Pvc marquee storage bag manufacture
Pvc marquee bag

Venue Decor

This was a commission for a tropical house that was to be used for a wedding venue. The client requested burlap hangings made to measure the dimensions of the glass house, we designed and installed this project. 

Bespoke Burlap hanging manufacture
Bespoke Burlap hanging manufacture

Bespoke stage cover

This bespoke cover was designed and manufactured to fit the clients portable stage made from aluminium truss on a trailer base. Each wall panel is a separate sheet to allow for maximum flexibility when in use, we added a Velcro skirt to give the project a nice finished look when in front of an audience. The back wall is matt white to allow projections and the rest in a high quality matt black vinyl. 

bespoke pvc vinyl stage cover with projector screen
Bespoke PVC Vinyl stage cover manuacture
Bespoke PVC Vinyl stage cover manuacture
bespoke pvc vinyl stage cover with projector screen
bespoke pvc vinyl stage cover
bespoke pvc vinyl stage cover with projector screen

East coast covers specialise in marquee and bespoke cover design and manufacture. Using PVC Vinyl and canvas to create unique, made to order tensile structures, sun shades, garden covers, van awnings, heavy duty tarpaulins, storage bags and even made to measure camping tents, tarps and shelters.

If its made of vinyl or canvas we can make it, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. 

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